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- Temporary free-of-charge DBS applications and fast-track barred list check service due to COVID-19

- Temporary changes to DBS ID checking guidelines due to COVID-19

- TerraQuest awarded contract to deliver the Regional Planning IT System for Northern Ireland.

- Free Webinar - COVID-19 and its impact on planning application submissions

- Site and Location Plans for Tree Surgeons

- Free Webinar - The Digital Future of Compulsory Purchase

- 2020 Planning Market Insight Report: Householder Application submission and Prior Approval for Larger home extensions

- TerraQuest are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Christmas giveaway.

- Planning Permission for Conservatories – Everything you need to know.

- Who should pay for my DBS Check?

- Planning Market Insight Report: 77,000+ submissions in March

- DBS Checks for Health Care: Everything you need to know.

- Five top tips to help reduce planning application invalidation

- Do I need Planning Permission for a shed?

- Planning Portal Annual Conference: Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, CEO, National Custom and Self Build Association

- A Local Planning Authority ‘Deep Dive’: Yorkshire and the Humber

- TerraQuest Presents: Snaptrude 3.0

- Part 1: What is Land Referencing and why is it so crucial to infrastructure projects?

- Annual patterns for October application numbers change for the first time since 2016

- Local Government Annual Conference 2021

- Planning application submission rates drop in October 2021

- Different types of DBS checks.

- What drawings do I need to supply when getting planning permission?

- 2021 Highlights: A Year of TerraQuest

- TerraQuest have been nominated for the excellence in technology and innovation award

- TerraQuest exhibited at the nationally significant infrastructure projects forum 2020

- TerraQuest supports expansion of HM Land Registry digital and local land charges register

- The new version of ReQuestaPlan is now live

- COVID-19 Business Continuity Statement

- TerraQuest and the Planning Portal exhibit at Future Build 2020

- Latest local land charges project goes live

- Still using paper DBS forms? Here's why you should switch to online.

- Do volunteers need a DBS check?

- Basic DBS Checks: Everything you need to know.

- Why is my DBS Check taking so long?

- Do I need a DBS Check for University?

- Do nannies need DBS checks?

- What is the difference between DBS and CRB?

- The Importance of Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups

- What do DBS checks show?

- How long does a planning application take?

- 10 Reasons why your planning application may get rejected

- National and Local Planning Policy – What’s the difference?

- Why do I need to get planning permission?

- Site and Location Plans: Your common questions answered.

- Appealing a planning decision? Everything you need to know.

- What is the difference between a site plan and a location plan?

- Do I need planning permission for my home improvements project?

- Do I need building regulations approval for an extension?

- TerraQuest Presents - Impact of COVID-19 on Planning Application submissions Replay

- Q&A: Our CEO Geoff Keal on award success, rebrand and working through Covid-19

- Biggest month on record for planning application submissions - Read the report now!

- Upcoming Webinar - Validating Planning Applications During a Pandemic

- Press Release

- Planning Market Insight Report: Does the disparity between Planning Portal and MHCLG’s statistics highlight the increasing pressure local authorities are under?

- Planning Market Insight Report: Online planning application submissions via the Planning Portal each month since 2016.

- Planning Market Insight Report: The Regional View

- Local Planning Authorities: Focus on the East Midlands Region

- What is a Right to Work Check?

- New minimum space standards, April 2021

- The 2021 Directory of Planning Consultants – Digital Leaflets

- Why do we need to prevent people from illegally working?

- Planning Portal Market Insight Report: A year on from Lockdown One – how is the market faring?

- Welcome to the latest edition of the Planning Market Insight Report

- Planning Portal MIR Report - How did the oldest advertising medium adapt to the newest challenge?

- Planning Portal MIR Report - Stats from the report

- Out of Home Advertising: adapting to the pandemic

- Time for a trim? What to do if your trees need a haircut.

- Planning Market Insight Report: 63,497 planning applications submitted throughout May

- Welcome to the latest edition of the Planning Market Insight Report (1)

- Are we seeing the end of the post pandemic application submission boom?

- Legislative changes for applications from 1 August 2021

- The regional view – is the North East reaping the rewards of investment?

- Planning Market Insight Report: We are halfway through the year, how is the market looking?

- Do I need planning permission for a Rooflight?

- Planning Portal Conference: New speaker – Amos Simbo, Founder, Black Professionals in Construction

- Application numbers in England and Wales – 63,873 applications submitted throughout June 2021.

- Planning Portal MIR – The Regional View

- A young architect’s experience using Snaptrude

- Two Patios House | Snaptrude Vs SketchUp

- Planning Portal Annual Conference: Angus Kerr, Chief Planner and Director of Regional Planning, Department for Infrastructure

- Cycling for We Build The Future

- Planning Permission for Porches – What you need to know…

- The digital future of planning and building: Planning Portal’s latest webinar series

- Rachel Fisher to provide the keynote speech on the second day of our annual conference

- TerraQuest Exhibited at the Care Show 2021

- Planning Portal webinar: The digital future of planning and building

- The regional view: submission numbers remain notably above normal levels

- London Build 2021

- Levelling up and the delivery of planning reform

- Planning Portal team are out and about

- Local Planning Authorities: planning applications in the North East of England

- Part 2: When is the right time to undertake Land Referencing activities?

- Residential proposals submitted using the Full Planning and Outline application forms

- Site Plans – 6 Common Questions Answered

- Basic DBS Checks - Your Complete Guide

- UK Land Development: State of Play 2022

- Your Ultimate Guide for Site and Location Plans

- Does Santa need a DBS Check?

- What is BIM Software?



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