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TerraQuest News

- Jun 2022

Meet Ben

Current Role: Senior Technician

Joined TerraQuest: In October 2018

I quality check the work from technicians, offer support and assistance to those tasks, while also reporting to management on the productivity and efficiency of those tasks. I got to where I am today by asking for opportunities to develop, and volunteering for all training offered.

Three words that describe TerraQuest:

  1. Supportive
  2. Progressive
  3. Understanding

Top interview tip:

When you ask questions, ask ones that require your interviewers to think in-depth (i.e. How did you get to where you are, what opportunities have you taken that were offered to you, etc.). Those types of questions will show interest in how people have developed in TerraQuest but also provide you with the insight that already marks you as a keen candidate for the role.

Top three benefits of working at TerraQuest:

  1. Flexibility (in regards to working hours) - As long as core hours are adhered to, you can often tailor hours on the weekdays to fit around your routine.
  2. Training Ask for it and it will be offered. TerraQuest has also got a plethora of resources from work instructions, powerpoints, videos, and vitally workshops to ease you into new skills or top off ones that may be a bit dusty.
  3. Development The management at TerraQuest are keen for you to grow your skills. Monthly development meetings allow you to voice your aspirations and work with management to explore new opportunities to really build on your experiences and skillsets.