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TerraQuest News

- Jul 2022

Market Insight Report for June 2022

We are now half-way through 2022. Apart from the exceptionally high number of submissions last year, 2022 has seen more submissions than previous years'. This was until June, where 2020 has overtaken 2022's application figures. It’s going to be interesting to see how the remaining six months of the year performs.

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Meet Andrea

"Having been with TQ for almost 33 years, I hope I am a testament to having very much enjoyed my time working here."

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Meet Louis

"I got to where I am today by living by three rules - Don't give up. Control the things you can control. Always keep learning."

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Meet Peter

"The role looks to ensure that the work we do day to day is in line with client expectations and this is done by ensuring the appropriate members of the team are resourced."

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Meet Ben

"I got to where I am today by asking for opportunities to develop, and volunteering for all training offered."

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Meet Cameron

"I started only a few months after finishing school doing a Business Administration NVQ. This enabled me to gain experience in all different parts of the business development team"

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Meet Geoff

"I have built on my career through and with TQ to which I am very grateful."

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