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- Jan 2024

Last chance for Planning Officer support following Planning Skills Delivery Fund announcement

The UK Government announced its Planning Skills Delivery Fund (PSDF) allocation to Local Planning Authorities in England at the end of 2023, supporting authorities in their efforts to clear backlogs of planning applications.

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TerraQuest's KeyChain Platform Awarded Trusted Product Maintainability v15.0 Certification

TerraQuest (TQ), a leading provider of innovative data management solutions, was proudly awarded the SIG/TÜViT certification for Trusted Product Maintainability for the TQ KeyChain Platform. Software Improvement Group (SIG) was a key partner in improving the quality and security of TerraQuest's flagship Land and Property Planning Portal.

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office workers our core values

Gain funding to clear your authority's caseload backlog

The UK Government has recently announced the Planning Skills Delivery Fund, which will allocate £24 million over the next two years to Local Authorities.

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Answering your questions about the location plan feature

There is not long to go, and we are busy with the final preparations to launch our latest enhancement to the Planning Portal, the location plan feature. To prepare for the launch we have used feedback from our customers to publish a collection of questions and answers that can be a first port of call for anyone with a query.

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See the location plan feature in action

Following our regular updates about the introduction of the location plan feature, we can confirm that this latest enhancement to the Planning Portal will be available from 2 May 2023.

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AECO Innovation Lab and TerraQuest Solutions announce strategic partnership

AECO Innovation Lab and TerraQuest Solutions are pleased to announce they have formed a strategic partnership, utilizing AECO Innovation Lab's collaborative research-led digital platform called One Ontario to localize TerraQuest's Planning Portal for the Canadian market.

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Addressing invalidation due to location plan errors

In this instalment detailing future enhancements to the Planning Portal, we look at application invalidation, why it’s an issue, and how we will help to overcome it with the introduction to the service of the location plan feature.

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