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Shaping the future of Land Referencing Services

Terraquest is the recognised market leader in land referencing services. With 50 years of proven experience, we continue to lead the industry through continuous innovation and best practice when it comes to land referencing and property research. We make sure the proposer and developer are left with no unanswered questions and all interested parties are expertly consulted.

Our industry-leading bespoke solutions enable geospatial data to be fully integrated with other relational datasets and electronic documents to support decision making within the land acquisition process. This gives you a complete audit trail with informational integrity.

50 years of proven experience

Our ISO certified processes support statutory procedures including:

  • Compulsory Purchases Orders (CPO)
  • Development Consent Orders (DCO)
  • Planning Act, Transport and Works Act
  • Town and Country Planning
  • Other legislative regimes 
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Fully Managed Service


Bespoke solutions for each phase of the consenting process from site access to the acquisition of land.

Market Intelligence


Access to 95% of planning applications data in England & Wales providing early notification of proposed developments.

Leading land information management


Real-time reporting allows for a collaborative approach to managing financial risk.

terraquests land and property portal

Manage land referencing projects efficiently

Built on GIS principles our Land & Property Portal offers a cloud-based solution to the latest land data, with secure access to source documents, communications and outputs including Book of Reference and Land Plans.

Features include:

  • Single Portal to manage multiple projects.
  • Integrated across existing TerraQuest solutions.
  • Cloud solution so you always have the latest data.

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Why TerraQuest land referencing services

TerraQuest is a Ordnance Survey business partner, G-Cloud accredited, and custodian of the national Planning portal. Our land referencing services can supply you with accurate and up-to-date information that can play a key role in mitigating financial risk.

We have a reputation as a large project contractor as testified by its involvement in many of the UK's major and high profile infrastructure projects. These include HS2, Crossrail, Heathrow, EDF Hinkley Point, Scottish Power transmission lines, Highways England road schemes, National Grid, TfL Station upgrades, and Local authority housing and regeneration schemes.

on site security


Control permissions and access levels and define features for stakeholders.

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Access to all data using our secure web portal on web, tablet, and phone. 

Project Visuals

Map creation and visualisation for project and land parcels.

Lead by innovation, driven by technology

Built in-house, our enterprise grade solutions offer a complete ecosystem for architects, planners, and homeowners.

Our automated processes are continually developing to help replace manual tasks and procedures.

  • Fully managed process
  • Advanced land referencing technology
  • Integrated systems and data
  • Market intelligence


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Terraquest's land referencing services for national grid

Land Referencing for National Grid - Case Study

East Anglia GREEN is a proposal by National Grid Electricity Transmission to reinforce the high voltage power network in East Anglia by constructing:

  • A new 400Kv overhead line – Between Norwich and Bramford
  • A new 400Kv overhead line – Between Bramford and Tilbury
  • A new 400Kv substation – To facilitate the connection of North Falls and Five Estuaries offshore wind farm projects

This is being constructed to help meet the governments 2030 and 2050 carbon targets and will help achieve the government’s offshore wind ambition of 40GW by 2030. TerraQuest were appointed to provide Land Referencing services and related services to support the East Anglia GREEN project...


land referencing services for HS2

HS2 Land Referencing - Case Study

In 2019, TerraQuest is responsible for the referencing of and the continual refreshing of more than 6,000 parties and interests, including major land owners.

  • Full land referencing service including initial desktop research, site visits and issue of
    questionnaires to all parties with land interests
  • Compilation of referencing schedules and Book of Reference
  • Preparation of land plans showing the various powers to be acquired at different levels across
    the scheme
  • Delivery of landowner notices, and posting and monitoring of site notices (c.20,000 p.a.)
  • Draft and Final Book of Reference and Plan Submissions based on desktop research and full
    contact referencing for over 1,200 Land Acquisition Areas (LAAs) in last 12 months

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terraquest capability statement

Land Referencing Capability Statement

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