Application Payment Service

Financial Transaction Service (FTS) provides Local Authorities with a completed application and payment, reducing invalidation levels and creating a standard, nationalised payment process across all English authorities.

Benefits of using our FTS

TerraQuest's financial transaction service has many benefits for local authority planning departments.

  • Reduce application backlogs & increase productivity
  • Certainty and consistency for both sides of the party
  • Authorities receive only paid or payment confirmed applications
  • Validation process starts knowing payment received
  • Improved payment options for customers and we absorb transaction fees
  • Nominate/Payment Redirect payment options
  • Daily transfer of fees to local authority bank accounts
  • 100% of planning application fee passed on to local authority

Flexible Payment Options

The service offers multiple payment options along with a unique nomination option allowing planning agents to defer payment to their client.

The client can then select to pay using their preferred method and once processed it releases the application and payment to the relevant authority.

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Fully Automated Service

The digital service is fully automated with email reminders to encourage prompt payment, delivering a secure, efficient and effective payment facility that removes all manual processes saving time and resources.

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