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Expert Analysis and Invaluable Insight to Planning Data.

TerraQuest's placement in the planning & development industry puts us in a unique position to offer unrivalled insight into proposed development data, thus helping your business identify opportunities and trends, inform future strategies, business planning and thought leadership.


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Unrivalled access to planning data

Five-year national view. A visual summary of the applications and trends perfect for business planning to inform future strategies


All the planning data you need

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Market leading opinion and Analysis

Interviews with industry figures and thought leadership strategies, from within the planning market.

TerraQuest Market Insight Report

Planning Insight, delivered.

Obtaining market data to inform business planning has never been more critical than it is today. TerraQuest are now able to release this data publicly and comprehensively for the first time in our monthly Planning Insight Reports. 


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Detailed monthly analysis

  • Monthly report featuring data and analysis, including clear and concise graphs and tables
  • Weekly industry analysis
  • Five-year national summary 
  • Access to unique submission data across all sectors
  • Analysis articles with trends on national, regional, and local application data
  • Interviews with industry figures and thought leadership
  • Access to historic news and analysis archive


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