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Manage land referencing projects efficiently

Built on GIS principles our Land & Property Portal offers a cloud-based solution to the latest land data. Secure access to source documents, communications and outputs including Book of Reference and Land Plans.

Features include:

  • Single Portal to manage multiple projects.
  • Integrated across existing TerraQuest solutions.
  • Cloud solution so you always have the latest data.

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Control permissions and access levels and define features for stakeholders.

Application Outline

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Access to all data using our secure web portal on web, tablet, and phone. 

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Project Visuals

Map creation and visualisation for project and land parcels.

Our approach to your solution

TerraQuest works with each project to ensure we meet your individual needs, providing a continuous improvement approach to increase the services available.

Supporting surveyors and project specialists by delivering a definitive source of data and a repository of documents associated to the parties or the properties affected by land based projects. 

  • TerraQuest secure service on all data sets.
  • Dashboards and real-time data.
  • Visualisation for project and land parcels.

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A complete Planning Application Service

TerraQuest's technology has shaped the planning process for England and Wales offering a seamless submission process to the public across both local and central government through access to centralised information.

TerraQuest and the Planning Portal have revolutionised the planning process. The two companies offer a complete planning eco-system unrivaled in the industry.


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