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- Jul 2020

Appealing a planning decision? Everything you need to know.

Are you not happy with a planning decision that has been made? If so, you can appeal without a fee.

When can you appeal a planning decision?

You can appeal if you disagree with the decision, if the decision was not made within 8 weeks, or a major development (such as 10 or more dwellings or a building more than 1,000 square metres) was not made within 13 weeks.

Deadline for appealing.

The deadline for appealing a planning decision is six months of the date on the decision notice. However, if they didn’t decide within 8 weeks, you can appeal six months after the decision was due. Please note, you need to appeal within 28 days of the notice if you’ve received an enforcement notice.

You can expect a decision to be made once your appeal is validated.

The appeal handling process.

Appeals will be decided by written representation or a hearing, most of the time. There are four stages involved, including:

Receipt to validation

  • You submit an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate
  • Once received, certain checks are taken to ensure it’s a valid appeal
  • You will be informed when validated and will take around 1-2 weeks if all the documentation is submitted

Validation to start

  • They identify suitable Inspector to decide the appeal
  • Timing depends on the type of appeal, procedure type, etc.

Start to event

  • You are sent a timetable for the appeal which includes deadlines and supporting documents
  • The Inspector will also hold a site visit, hearing or an inquiry

Event to decision

  • Based on the evidence submitted, the Inspector will make a final decision and notify you