TerraQuest News

- Sep 2021

A young architect’s experience using Snaptrude

I first heard about Snaptrude from a friend. The notion that a single software could eliminate the need for multiple software and offer the versatility of 3D modeling with the functionality of a BIM tool was too compelling to ignore.


  • The team are dynamic, organised and intelligent. I was immediately drawn towards the feature of converting a sketch into an editable 3D mass. They are true to their claims and really are 10x faster.
  • The cloud-based software ensures your RAM isn’t filled up with heavy files.
  • The cloud-based interface and compatibility with multiple devices make working remotely feasible and more convenient.
  • Eliminates the need for manually creating each element individually and then adjusting their parameters.
  • The object library is extensive and supports object imports in various 3D formats, including but not limited to, Sketchup Warehouse.
  • 3D objects do not slow the model down.
  • The ‘add vertex’ feature means that adding a pitched roof is easy.
  • The ‘Material Schedule’ - The materials and qualities of every building component is generated and updated in real-time when changes are made to the project.

My Experience:

For my first experience with Snaptrude, I chose to model a simple house with a pitched roof. Once I had created the mass and entered in the room tags, the heights were automatically adjusted and with a click of the ‘create building’ button’, the walls and slabs were automatically created in a second, as opposed to individually creating each element.

For further exploration, I chose to model Farmsworth House. Modeling this architectural marvel on Snaptrude was fast, efficient, and enjoyable. The software is intuitive and evidently designed with architects in mind.