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- Sep 2021

Two Patios House | Snaptrude Vs SketchUp

Image Credit – “Two Patios House” by Ignacio Correa, originally published on Archdaily

Project description provided by the architects: The house is located on a hillside that faces the Pacific Ocean, to the south, and at the same time turns its back on the direction in which the sun moves. This condition, in which the sense of the views is in a direction contrary to that of the angles of solar exposure, defines the strategy of building two patios, one that clears the gaze towards the sea, and another that projects to the north to capture the natural light that illuminates the most important spaces of the project. This is how the house builds a double front that responds to the idea of ​​ensuring the best conditions in the place where it is located.

Snaptrude has undertaken a case study that compares its new design software to an already established 3D modeling software. The case study showcases the impressive functionality of the new software and how it excels against existing programmes. Snaptrude and SketchUp were analysed whilst designing a “Two Patios House”.

The main attraction of Snaptrude is that you are able to bring a sketch alive. Snaptrude creates a 3D model of your sketch from a simple scanning procedure, you can take a photograph from your smartphone and upload it to Snaptrude which will automatically give you a 3D version of your project. Once the sketch is in 3D format, you can then add other elements such as patios, floors, stairs, furniture, and other specifics even down to the materials one needs for their design.

The process of Snaptrude is rapid, saving architects a lot of time and disk space as it requires a single programme to create the 3D modeling including. Everything from the conversion of 2D into 3D, to building and design Unlike software such as SketchUp, it is completely BIM compatible.

SketchUp requires a bit more time and effort to create a 3D design, architects have to switch to AutoCAD for 2D work and then import to SketchUp for any creation of a 3D model. SketchUp also doesn’t seem to have BIM support thus elongating the entire process.

Video 1: Representation of Massing in Snaptrude for Two Patios House

In the above video (unedited) one can observe how the Massing process works in Snaptrude

Video 2: Representation of Building Creation in Snaptrude for Two Patios House

In the above video (Unedited) one can observe the single click 2D to 3D process in Snaptrude.

Just like SketchUp, Snaptrude has a readily available library of furniture and other interior tool options making the creation of a two patio house quite simple to do due to the furniture options in both softwares. These can all be edited and altered in terms of colour, size, measurement and dimensions.

However, the biggest advantage that Snaptrude has over SketchUp is the fast and responsive way to implement furniture additions and placement. In TerraQuest Design, the entire house was furnished in twenty minutes, nearly 70% faster than SketchUp. Snaptrude makes the architect feel in control. Recently, TerraQuest Design received a patent certificate for its “Automated” Interior design feature.

Working on this project, Architect Sakina was extremely excited as she has been using SketchUp since her student days but now prefers Snaptrude. Here is what she said:

I really enjoyed working on this comparison project. Snaptrude has become my go-to tool for quick, accurate and beautiful designs in the last few months”.

– Sakina Josh, Architect