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- Jul 2020

Do I need a DBS Check for University?

To apply for certain courses or if you are completing certain placements, you may need to complete a DBS check for university.

There are three types of DBS checks, basic, standard and enhanced. Each of these checks will show different criminal record information.

Basic Checks:

A basic DBS check will show details of any unspent convictions or conditional cautions applicants may have.

Standard Checks:

A standard DBS check will show details of any unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings (if they are not protected). With the applicant's consent, employers may perform this level of check for roles that require a specific level of responsibility.

Enhanced Checks:

An enhanced DBS check will show the same details as a standard DBS check, but also, relevant information held by the applicant's local police force. This level of check can also include a search of the DBS’s Children’s and/or Adult barred list. This will depend on the job in which the applicant is applying for. This level of check is mainly used for those who will come into contact with vulnerable adults and children (e.g. teachers, care workers, etc.).

Which level of check can a university student apply for?

Basic check: Anyone can apply for a basic DBS check for themselves. There are no eligibility requirements. However, depending on your course or placement, you may need a more in-depth check.

Standard check: You can only get a standard DBS check for certain roles, and you can not apply for standard checks yourself, they need to be done by the university/ placement on your behalf. You can find the full list of roles that may require a Standard DBS check here.

Enhanced check: If your course requires you to work with children or vulnerable adults, there is a good chance you will need this level of check. You can not apply for an enhanced check yourself, they need to be done by the university/ placement on your behalf.

How can I get a DBS check for university?

If you require a basic DBS check, you can apply and purchase one yourself. If you require a standard or enhanced check, an employer must do this on your behalf.