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TerraQuest News

- Feb 2022

TerraQuest presents the Planning Portal

TQ Keychain

TerraQuest celebrates the launch of the latest iteration of the Planning Portal, built using its new in-house proprietary cloud solution, TQ KeyChain.

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2022 marks 50 years for TerraQuest and 20 years for the Planning Portal, and what better way to celebrate this moment than defining a roadmap for the future of land and property technology.

TQ KeyChain forms the heart of our technology ecosystem, designed using reusable cloud-native services. 

Our new Land and Property Portal is designed to help businesses manage land referencing projects efficiently; or the new Planning Portal, serving 400+ Local Authorities with over 80,000 professional users, including architects, planners, and developers and over 1 million monthly website users researching professional guidance. In addition, TQ KeyChain underpins all future solutions and services provided by TerraQuest.  

Data Solutions

A simple goal drove our decision to build and develop our TQ KeyChain ecosystem in-house: 

"Provide digital-first data-driven interoperable solutions which can adapt to the latest legislative and technological changes fast and effectively, introducing improved functionality and services seamlessly via the cloud to any device anywhere."

We look forward to sharing more about TQ Keychain and the TerraQuest ecosystem throughout 2022 as we celebrate our 50th year.

You can learn more about TerraQuest and Planning Portal here 

About TerraQuest: TerraQuest is an established provider of land and property technology solutions and data management to the public and private sector, spanning 50 years.