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- Aug 2022

4 home improvement ideas for Autumn: Do I need planning permission?

If you’re the type of person who likes to change up your space when a new season comes around, you're in the right place. Since you’re well rested from your recent Summer holidays, now is the perfect time to make those changes and get your home ready for Autumn. In this guide, we will give you some ideas on home improvements for Autumn, while explaining the planning permission rules.

1. Install a wood-burning stove:

Why not install a wood-burning stove to add a cosy and homely vibe during the months of Autumn? Picture snuggling up on the sofa in front of a roaring fire with a hot chocolate while watching your favourite Autumn shows.

Do you need planning permission to install a wood-burning stove?

You do not need to get planning permission to install a wood burning stove as long as your installer is a HETAS installer and therefore qualified to certify the works themselves, and will issue a certificate of compliance as proof. This will be signed by your installer and used to notify your council of the work. If you have a non-HETAS installer do the job, you will need to tell your local Building Control department before you start any work. This may not be planning permission, but it is important. When you’ve had the stove fitted, you need to make sure you have a notice plate completed. 

Please note - You may need planning permission if you live in a listed building, check with your local council beforehand.

2. Get double glazing:

If you’re still living with single glazing, now could be the time to upgrade your windows. Having the latest double glazing technology fitted will not only look better, but also improve your insulation. This is ideal for the fall to keep your home warmer during the next few colder months while keeping your energy bills down.

Do you need planning permission to add new windows?

If you’re adding in new windows that are of a similar appearance to those used in the original construction of your house, then you will not need planning permission. But if you are planning something larger such as a new bay window, this will be classed as an extension and may require planning permission. Check with your local council if you’re unsure.

3. Insulate your home:

Speaking of insulation, is your home properly insulated? We’ve had a very warm Summer, but over the next few months it’s going to start getting colder. With the current rapid rising cost of living, it's important that we do what we can to keep our homes warm over the winter without needing to leave the heating on all day. Properly insulating your home not only reduces heating and cooling costs but also improves comfort.

Do you need planning permission to insulate your home?

Planning permission is not normally required for fitting insulation (where there is no change in external appearance). However, if the building is listed or is in a conservation area, you should consult your local planning authority.

4. Upgrade you conservatory for colder weather:

There are several ways you can improve the efficiency of your conservatory. Most double glazing companies will measure up and provide new panels to replace the old ones, allowing you to utilise the existing framework. You could even integrate central heating.

A cheaper way is to add some additional lighting, throws, pillows, curtains, and other Autumn décor.

Do you need planning permission to add an integrated central heating system in a conservatory?

Adding an integrated central heating system in a conservatory doesn’t require planning permission, but it must meet the full regulations on heating efficiency. Some popular heating options to consider for your conservatory include underfloor heating, an isolated mains radiator, or electric heaters.

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

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