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TerraQuest News

- Jul 2020

Still using paper DBS forms? Here's why you should switch to online.

Are you still using paper forms to complete DBS checks? If so, you may be missing out on the many benefits of processing them online. Including:


The online process of completing DBS checks is much faster than by paper. AuthentiQuest gives you the ability to complete checks in five minutes. Using paper checks adds time on as you will need to post them, it also means that you have to wait around six weeks for the paper certificate to come back. When using TerraQuest's AuthentiQuest, many people receive a flag back within 48 hours to say whether the check was clear or unclear. Some have even come back the same day!


TerraQuest's AuthentiQuest gives you the ability to track your form online. You can see which stage of the process your application is in. You are unable to do this if you submit your application using paper forms.

Fewer Mistakes

Errors on application forms can delay the process and therefore delay your recruitment process. AuthentiQuest will pick up and highlight obvious errors on applications so they can be corrected and reduce the chance of any delays.


When completing applications online you are not only saving paper, but you're also limiting the transportation of your form.