TerraQuest News

- Jun 2022

Meet Cameron

Current Role: Bid Administrator 

Joined TerraQuest: In October 2018

I work as a Bid Administrator at TerraQuest, my main responsibilities are to administrate and co-ordinate all bids. This includes setting up and holding bid review meetings, setting up the relevant company folders/structures, and following the agreed company bidding process. I also do a lot of work behind the scenes for finding bids, I am constantly researching and going through many different procurement portals and frameworks, searching for relevant opportunities. 

The way I got to the position I am in today is through an apprenticeship at TerraQuest, I started only a few months after finishing school doing a Business Administration NVQ. This enabled me to gain experience in all different parts of the business development team, whether that be sales and/or marketing, I was helping in all different ways. For example, taking part in email/phone call campaigns and managing the Google Ads for the business.

I now am a fully Qualified Bid and proposal coordinator.

Three words that describe TerraQuest:

  1. Safe
  2. Secure
  3. Successful

Top interview tip:

My top tips are to have confidence in yourself and prepare for the questions.

Top three benefits of working at TerraQuest:

  1. Career development and progression – When I finished my original apprenticeship, I was encouraged to start another. They are great at providing additional qualifications and a broader experience.
  2. Networking – TerraQuest is a large and diverse community, with plenty of opportunities to network within the different departments.
  3. Learn from the best people – TerraQuest is full of talented and experienced individuals.