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- Jul 2020

10 Reasons why your planning application may get rejected

There are many reasons why planning applications get rejected. Knowing why a planning application may get rejected will help you prevent prolonging the process so you can get on with your works.

Below I have listed some of the common (but not all) reasons why your planning permission may be refused:

  • Loss of privacy - If your build overlooks other homes.
  • Loss of light - If your build overshadows a neighbour and causes a loss of light.
  • It has an impact on trees.
  • It has a negative effect on the environment.
  • Use of hazardous materials.
  • It restricts road access.
  • It impacts safety.
  • Your property is a listed building (where applicable).
  • Invalid site and location plans.
  • Overdevelopment

TerraQuest's Planning Application Validation Service (PAVS) is designed to reduce the time and cost taken to validate planning applications while enhancing the applicant's experience. PAVS helps local planning authorities to successfully handle their increased workload, clear application backlogs and meet service level commitments by validating all types of electronic and paper planning applications.