TerraQuest News

- Nov 2021

Site Plans – 6 Common Questions Answered

1. What is a site plan?

Site plans, also known as block plans, show the proposed development in relation to the property boundary. They are usually submitted at a scale of either 1:200 or 1:500.

2. What is the purpose of a site plan?

The main purposes of site plan are:

  • To represent how land is utilised and the details of surrounding area.
  • To submit the document of reference to the zoning or government administrator to check and approve for construction of the project.
  • The administrator checks whether the proposed structure meets and serves the public facilities like roads, water, emergency services, sewage disposals, schools etc.
  • For the protection of landowners by complying with the government procedures

3. Why do you need a site plan?

  • Construct, reconstruct, erect, enlarge or renovate a structure.
  • Show changes in the use of land
  • Show change in occupancy for all uses

4. Who prepares a site plan?

They are often prepared by a design consultant (licensed engineers, architect, landscape architect or land surveyor).

5. How to know what is around the site?

A proper site analysis.

6. Different purposes of a site plan?

  • Roof plan with site.
  • Ground floor with site.
  • Services site plan.
  • Setting out site plan.

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