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- Jan 2022

Do I need Planning Permission for Solar Panels?

Planning Permission, in simple terms, is like asking if you can do a certain piece of building work. It will be granted (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refused.

Getting planning permission is a very important part of any project around your home. Failing to obtain planning permission when needed is known as a planning breach. A planning breach in itself is not illegal and the council will often permit a retrospective application where planning permission has not been sought. However, if the breach involves a previously rejected development (or the retrospective application fails) the council can issue an enforcement notice requiring you to put things back as they were.

The installation of solar panels and equipment on residential buildings and land may be 'permitted development' with no need to apply to the Local Planning Authority for planning permission. There are, however, important limits and conditions, which must be met to benefit from these permitted development rights. You should discuss with the Local Planning Authority for your area whether all of the limits and conditions will be met.

All the following limits must be met:

  • Panels should not be installed above the highest part of the roof (excluding the chimney) and should project no more than 200mm from the roof slope or wall surface.
  • The panels must not be installed on a building that is within the grounds of a listed building or on a site designated as a scheduled monument.
  • If your property is in a conservation area, or in a World Heritage Site, panels must not be fitted to a wall which fronts a highway.

Note - If you are a leaseholder you may need to get permission from your landlord, freeholder, or management company.

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