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- Jul 2021

Do I need planning permission for a Rooflight?

Rooflights are a great way to improve your home. One of the main reasons people opt to install glass rooflights in a building is to increase natural daylight. This reduces reliance on electricity during the day and can also boost the wellbeing of occupants, making them feel more energetic, productive, and even elevating their moods.

In England and Wales, you won’t need planning permission for most skylights. However, the rules in Scotland are stricter, and planning permission will be required.

The following conditions apply to rooflights in England and Wales:

  • They must not protrude more than 150mm beyond the plane of the roof
  • They cannot be higher than the highest part of the roof
  • If it is a side facing window it must be obscure glazed. If it is an opening window it must be 1.7 metres above the floor level.

You are strongly advised to read the technical guidance produced by the Government to help understand how permitted development rules might apply to your circumstances.

Before undertaking any skylight project, ensure you check with your local planning authority that there is no article 4 Direction on your property.

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