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- Dec 2023

TerraQuest's KeyChain Platform Awarded Trusted Product Maintainability v15.0 Certification

TerraQuest (TQ), a leading provider of innovative data management solutions, was proudly awarded the SIG/TÜViT certification for Trusted Product Maintainability for the TQ KeyChain Platform. Software Improvement Group (SIG) was a key partner in improving the quality and security of TerraQuest's flagship Land and Property Planning Portal.

The certification body of TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH recognized TerraQuest's commitment to product quality and KeyChain's future role in supporting the growth of the business.

Laurie Cunningham, CTO of TerraQuest, said, "The SIG/TÜVIT certificate objectively validates TerraQuest's dedication to maintainability, quality and ultimately our ambition when we started developing the TQ KeyChain platform four years ago. Software Improvement Group's first-class guidance aided us greatly on the path to certification. Our maintenance costs are lower, development is more efficient, and we can focus and reduce technical debt more effectively. In addition, security issues are identified and resolved earlier. One of the many benefits of going through the certification process has been the reduction of our technical debt backlog by 20%, which has subsequently increased our SDLC release output by 15%."

Image showing Software Improvement Group presenting TerraQuest with an award

Bart Fehmers, CEO of Software Improvement Group, "Software improvement Group's guidance accelerated TerraQuest's software development and foster a culture of quality. We are proud to have helped TQ KeyChain achieve an four-star SIG/TÜViT certification. This is objective proof of its maintainability, robustness, and futureproof design."

TerraQuest is the only UK software company to attain the four-star certification from TUViT in the last 12 months. Over 400 Local Authorities, 80,000+ professional users, and 1 million monthly website users can trust that TerraQuest's technology is secure and delivered to the highest standard.

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