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- Jan 2024

Last chance for Planning Officer support following Planning Skills Delivery Fund announcement

The UK Government announced its Planning Skills Delivery Fund (PSDF) allocation to Local Planning Authorities in England at the end of 2023, supporting authorities in their efforts to clear backlogs of planning applications.

In a strategic collaboration, councils across the UK have partnered with TerraQuest to tackle caseload backlogs using their PSDF allocation.

TerraQuest, dedicated to delivering exceptional service, is on the verge of reaching full capacity and is now extending support to three additional Local Planning Authorities. With the crucial March 2024 deadline looming, authorities are urged to secure TerraQuest's reliable and established partnership for effective caseload management and funding.

Considering uncertain fund release timelines for some authorities, many are yet to finalise the use of their allocation. Taking proactive steps now can help ensure a smoother process and optimal use of your allocation before the March 2024 deadline.

What can you do now?

Consider collaborating with TerraQuest, start paperwork and contracting procedures to enable swift onboarding, this will ensure work can start as soon as your authority’s PSDF allocation comes through.

TerraQuest is available to discuss tailored support proposals for Local Authorities, allowing for a well-paced allocation of planning officers upon approval.

With resources available on a limited basis, it's advisable to reach out to TerraQuest to explore a customised proposal that suits your specific needs. Take the time to consider this opportunity for planning officer support as March 2024 approaches.

What we offer

We offer two types of Planning Applications Services:

  • Planning Case Evaluation Services (PACES)
  • Planning Validation Services (PAVS)

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