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- Feb 2023

Rotherham Site Assessments - Case Study

Project Description

Local partnerships are partnering with Rotherham MBC to develop housing opportunities within the local authority. TerraQuest were appointed to prepare assessments of two council owned sites as part of the design phase of the project. Using TerraQuest’s Site Assessment service, a detailed description of each site was prepared which included an analysis of titles, constraints, planning, environmental factors, geological utilities and services. The comprehensive reports provide detailed information about the sites which are pertinent for development.

TerraQuest's Project Scope:

  • Full site assessment for two redevelopment sites in Rotherham
  • Both sites were between 0.5 and 1 hectare in size with defined boundary
  • Desktop research and analysis by TerraQuest land referencing teams for each site


Providing detailed information about development sites with an assessment risk essential at early stage of projects

Utilising highly experienced land referencing and town planning consultants to assess and analyse desktop research and searches data to provide an assessment of risk which the developer can have confidence in

Proactive support and expertise to provide clarity and respond to specific questions

Service Delivered:

  • Land referencing service including description and analysis of titles and encumbrances
  • Compilation of search data from local authority, Land Registry, utility, and telecommunications suppliers
  • Assessment of search results and desktop research to create a view on risk as a development site
  • Attendance at design meetings to provide further details to questions raised on development potential of each site
  • Traffic light system for assessing risk for each site as a development opportunity
  • Production of map-based reports providing comprehensive assessments of each site
  • Desktop research of each site covering environmental, geological and hydrological factors, planning, building control, charges, utilities, and other constraints