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TerraQuest News

- Jul 2020

Why is my DBS Check taking so long?

Some DBS applications may take longer due to circumstances completely out of TerraQuests hands. TerraQuest is committed to speeding up turnaround times for criminal record checks, but on some occasions, they may take a bit longer and here's why.

The 5 Stages of the DBS Process for Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks

Stage 1: DBS application is received and validated.

Stage 2: PNC (Police National Computer Database) is searched.

Stage 3: Application is checked against the children and adults barred list (if requested).

Stage 4: Application arrives at Police local authorities and is checked against their record.

Stage 5: Process is complete and the certificate is printing.

The Local Police Check (Stage 4) is often the stage that takes the longest in the application process. DBS sometimes needs to pass applications to one or more local police forces for them to check. Some police forces have backlogs of applications due to limited staffing or internal limitations. This may lead to the DBS check not being seen for days or even weeks.