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- Dec 2022

Land Referencing For National Grid

East Anglia GREEN is a proposal by National Grid Electricity Transmission to reinforce the high voltage power network in East Anglia by constructing:

  • A new 400Kv overhead line – Between Norwich and Bramford
  •  A new 400Kv overhead line – Between Bramford and Tilbury
  • A new 400Kv substation – To facilitate the connection of North Falls and Five Estuaries offshore wind farm projects

This is being constructed to help meet the governments 2030 and 2050 carbon targets and will help achieve the government’s offshore wind ambition of 40GW by 2030.

TerraQuest were appointed in October 2022 to provide Land Referencing services and related services to support the East Anglia GREEN project which is to be submitted under DCO legislation. TerraQuest’s main responsibility is to identify parties with an interest in land within the route corridor to ensure National Grid have record of up-to-date contact details to ensure they are kept appraised regarding the scheme. This information will feed into the DCO process as the Book of Reference is an essential part of this delivery.

TerraQuest have provided DCO Land Referencing services across many sectors and is equipped to provide a comprehensive land referencing service to National Grid.

Land Referencing for National Grid SEAL

National Grid is proposing to reinforce the electricity network across Suffolk and Kent, by increasing the network’s capacity to manage new energy transmission in and out of Kent and Suffolk to meet local and national energy demands. This is the Sea Link project.

Sea Link is a proposed new 2 gigawatt (GW) subsea high voltage direct current (HVDC) electricity connection, approximately 140 km in length and predominately offshore. Sea Link includes:

  • Two HVDC converter stations, one in Kent and one in Suffolk
  • Approximately 140 km of underground and subsea electricity cables between these two stations
  • An underground cable connection to the proposed Friston substation in Suffolk
  • An underground cable or overhead line connection to the existing Richborough to Canterbury overhead line in Kent

TerraQuest were appointed in 2021 to carry out the Land Referencing for the Sea Link project with the aim to support a Development Consent Order (DCO) submission. DCO’s are used to obtain permission for ‘Nationally Significant’ schemes and typically involve major infrastructure projects dealing with highways, energy, water and waste. TerraQuest will carry out detailed research into land ownership, rights and restrictions affecting land and make contact with all parties with an interest in land included within the scheme. This information will then be collated into a Book of Reference and Land Plans to be used for the DCO submission. TerraQuest has currently engaged in desktop referencing and has supported distribution of access agreements to landowners and other land interests within the area of the scheme, and will commence contact referencing activities in the new year.

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