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dvla license checks

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- Aug 2022

What are DVLA checks? Everything you need to know.

DVLA checks will make you aware of any offences that they have on their driving licence. A DVLA check is required if you are hiring someone who needs to drive on your company's behalf. Anyone who drives for work-related reasons or third parties that have access to a corporate car will need a DVLA check.

What is a DVLA Check?

A DVLA check is an online assessment of an applicant's driving licence information done by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

What do DVLA checks show?

DVLA checks will show licence validity, disqualifications, licence expiry date, the vehicle types the candidate is allowed to drive, offences and penalty points.

DVLA checks

Why are DVLA checks important?

DVLA checks can be used to determine whether a candidate meets industry-specific requirements for a job role. For example, if a job role requires you to have a HGV licence, a DVLA will show you whether the candidate is lying about having on or not.

DVLA checks can also be used to ensure you’re not hiring a dangerous driver. If DVLA checks are not performed, this could result in the hire of an unstable or dangerous driver, putting the company, themselves and other road users in danger.


What is a DVLA check code?

The DVLA Check code replaces the paper part, which is no longer issued. It is an online counterpart of your photo card driving licence. The code allows you to view your driving licence information, such as:

  • Driving record
  • The vehicles you can drive
  • Any penalty points or disqualifications

To get a DVLA check code, get your national insurance number and driving licence and follow the steps below:

  • Visit this website:
  • Click “Start”
  • Enter your driving licence number, National Insurance number and postcode into the relevant fields, 
  • Tick the consent box and click “View Now”
  • There are four tabs near the top of the page. Click on the right-hand tab entitled “Share your Licence Information”
  • Click “Create a code”

Bulk DVLA Licence Checks with TerraQuest

Safeguard from illegal drivers, and have peace of mind that employees who are required to drive are legally permitted to do so.

Our service is fully compliant with The Road Traffic Act 1988 (Section 87) and is ISO27001 certified.

  • Penalty Points and Disqualifications
  • Expired licence or category
  • Incorrect address
  • Imposed restrictions
  • Automatic re-checks against scheduled timelines

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