meridian water town centre planning

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- Jan 2023

Meridian Water Road Infrastructure

Enfield Council – Meridian Water
Client: London Borough of Enfield
Duration: 2018 – to present
Project: Strategic Road Infrastructure Corridor CPO

Project Description

The London Borough of Enfield is promoting the Meridian Water Regeneration Scheme which aims to deliver approximately 10,000 new homes over a circa 20 year period as part of a major residential, commercial and retail mixed use development to create a new urban district at Meridian Water. The delivery of a major road and rail upgrade is a primary element of the Scheme. The proposed “Causeway” will provide a Strategic Road Infrastructure Corridor running from Meridian Water station in the west over the River Lea Navigation in the east.

TerraQuest's Land Referencing Capabilities

The Council required specialist expertise and advice to assist the authority officers in ensuring all land interests are identified and acquired in line with the programme plan, key milestones, and critical path. They also required the capability to deliver tasks on behalf of the authority and support the client team in procedural and administrative matters in relation to the CPO. The Land referencing exercise will provide an updated and complete schedule of all land interests within the boundary of the proposed Strategic Infrastructure Corridor

Land Referencing For Enfield Council


• To undertake land referencing research to inform and define land acquisition approach
• Production of Land Interest Plans to a standard required for making a CPO
• Creation and updating of the Schedule of Interest (including a communications log) including land in freehold and leasehold ownership, covenants, rights of way, easements, statutory interests and/or unregistered land
• To undertake statutory requisitions in accordance with the relevant CPO guidance to satisfy the “diligent enquiry” requirements.


• Preparation of plans, maps, documentation in support of evidence for a CPO public inquiry.
• Assistance to the Authority and legal advisers with resolution of land interest enquiries
• Administrative support in the undertaking of statutory procedures during the CPO process i.e., notification of land interest holders; publication of CPO notices in the local newspaper and notification on and off site to those with an interest in land or impacted
• Public notice and siting of notices during all stages of the pre- and post-confirmation order stages
• Non-contact site investigations and title enquiries where interest anomalies exist that require clarification in support of acquisition
• Support and/or service during the General Vesting process, Notice Treat and Notice to Enter statutory process