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- Jan 2022

Planning Portal News: Land viability survey

Do you work in, or have an interest in the land development lifecycle?  

If so, Nova, in partnership with Planning Portal, would love your input about the challenges people face in finding viable land development projects. The feedback from the survey will help us to identify these challenges and what actions need to be taken in order to improve the success rate of them.  

The aim of the research, based on a wide cross-section of those in development land projects throughout the UK, is to develop an annual report entitled ‘UK Land Development: State of Play 2022’. The report will highlight challenges faced across both commercial and residential sectors and identify areas of similarities. As more data is gathered over time, it will provide an update on the market, whether solutions are being sought and provide both the PropTech sector and academics, the opportunity to develop their own solutions and services to help combat issues.

The summary of this analysis will be shared with all parties that complete the survey, allowing you to guide and benchmark your position compared to that of your peers in the industry. 

Please complete the survey here.

The above article was provided to us by the Planning Portal.