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TerraQuest News

- Nov 2021

Local Government Annual Conference 2021

Welcome to our event page; hopefully, you have scanned our QR code and want to learn a little more about TerraQuest.

TerraQuest is an established and trusted organisation renowned for its expertise in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to Government and the private sector.

We offer a comprehensive ecosystem of planning services to Local Planning Authorities, whether it's digitisation, assisting with the validation of planning applications, processing all application types throughout the planning process or helping to clear application backlogs.

Our teams have worked with Planning, Land Charges, and Building Control teams on transformation and modernisation programmes for over 25 years.

You can find quick links to our services here:

Partnering with the Department for Infrastructure and ten councils, TerraQuest is embarking on a 10-year partnership to replace the existing Northern Ireland Planning Portal and provide a fully supported, modern IT System designed to enhance the user experience and improve efficiency.

TerraQuest will deliver a seamless improved planning service, including an online application submission process to the public, improving the public-facing user experience. Councils will seamlessly receive these applications on their internal system enabling delivery of an effective and efficient solution, driving innovation through access to centralised information.

Craig Harper

Chief Commercial Officer


07787 563 842

Geoff Keal 

Managing Director


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