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Legislative changes for applications from 1 August 2021

Much like proverbial London buses, several key legislative changes from Whitehall are all coming along at once on 1 August 2021.

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Are we seeing the end of the post pandemic application submission boom?

Over the last year, we have seen an unprecedented amount of applications submitted. However, over the last couple of months there has been a slight decrease in application numbers.

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Planning Market Insight Report (1)

In reference to infrastructure and ‘levelling up’, a Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill will extend 5G mobile coverage and introduce new safety standards for digital devices.

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Planning Market Insight Report: 63,497 planning applications submitted throughout May

For the second month in a row, planning application submission numbers have dropped from the peak we saw in March.

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Time for a trim? What to do if your trees need a haircut.

When looking to carry out works to trees, it is important to remember that some trees are protected by legislation, and you need to ensure you establish the legal status of the tree prior to starting work.

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Five top tips to help reduce planning application invalidation

Did you know that on average 50 percent of all planning applications submitted are deemed invalid by Local Planning Authorities (LPAs)? An application is classed as ‘valid’ when the application includes all the necessary documentation, plans, and fees, as outlined in the LPA's ‘local list’ or  ‘local list’ or ‘Validation Checklist Requirement’ documents.

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DBS Checks for Health Care: Everything you need to know.

Most people who work in health care within the NHS will need an Enhanced DBS Check. This level of check shows full details of a criminal record.

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Out of Home Advertising: adapting to the pandemic

When looking at application submission in the first full year since the initial lockdown in late March 2020, Advertisement consent applications have been the application type worst affected in terms of the numbers submitted: 34 per cent down when comparing 2019 against 2020.

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