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A young architect’s experience using Snaptrude

I first heard about Snaptrude from a friend. The notion that a single software could eliminate the need for multiple software’s and offer the versatility of 3D modelling with the functionality of a BIM tool was too compelling to ignore.

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Time for a trim? What to do if your trees need a haircut.

When looking to carry out works to trees, it is important to remember that some trees are protected by legislation, and you need to ensure you establish the legal status of the tree prior to starting work.

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Five top tips to help reduce planning application invalidation

Did you know that on average 50 percent of all planning applications submitted are deemed invalid by Local Planning Authorities (LPAs)? An application is classed as ‘valid’ when the application includes all the necessary documentation, plans, and fees, as outlined in the LPA's ‘local list’ or  ‘local list’ or ‘Validation Checklist Requirement’ documents.

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DBS Checks for Health Care: Everything you need to know.

Most people who work in health care within the NHS will need an Enhanced DBS Check. This level of check shows full details of a criminal record.

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Why do we need to prevent people from illegally working?

All employers have a responsibility to prevent illegal working in the UK. This can be done by conducting a right to work check before you employ someone.

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Healthcare workers and pre-employment checks

What is a Right to Work Check?

Identity fraud is a big issue in the UK. One estimate suggested upwards of 1 million illegal immigrants in the UK.

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Who should pay for my DBS Check?

When hiring organisations will usually specify on the job application that a DBS check will be required as a part of the recruitment process.

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Site and Location Plans for Tree Surgeons

How using ReQuestaPlan can benefit Tree Surgeons?

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