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- May 2022

Everything you need to know about planning permission in your garden

If you do decide to make some changes, you need to be aware of the planning permission rules. Knowing whether you need planning permission before you get started is very important.

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8 changes I can make to my garden that don’t require planning permission

TerraQuest and the Planning Portal try to simplify the planning process and make it as easy as possible so don’t let this put you off making those big changes you really want in your garden.

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How to design the garden of your dreams this summer?

Summer is only 50 days away, and that means garden parties, BBQs, and sunbathing. This is the best time to start making some small improvements and start building the garden of your dreams.

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Planning Porta Blog: It’s the start of a new year, how do the statistics compare?

This month’s report looks at the fluctuations in application numbers of individual authorities, as well as applications by type and variance in planning application fees.

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TerraQuest presents the Planning Portal

TerraQuest celebrates the launch of the latest iteration of the Planning Portal, built using its new in-house proprietary cloud solution, TQ KeyChain.

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Part 2: When is the right time to undertake Land Referencing activities?

Infrastructure projects cannot happen without land or rights to use land, so a project’s stakeholders will be keen to understand the extent, cost and challenges associated with the acquisition of these as early in the project’s life cycle as possible.

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Part 1: What is Land Referencing and why is it so crucial to infrastructure projects?

The land referencing team’s principal role is to identify all interests that are affected by a scheme and may have a potential claim arising from the impact of the scheme going ahead. Information on the ownership and rights to land will be the key items of data to stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a project.

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