TerraQuest is a leading digital archive organisation in the UK with strong expertise in delivering document management services including scanning, indexing, storage, disposal and retrieval services to public and private clients to exacting standards.

Our Digital Mailroom Service includes:

  • Digital enablement through transformation of all incoming mail
  • Provision of a high quality service which utilises leading industry scanning, document capture and print solutions
  • All your correspondence imaged and key data digitised
  • Digital images and text indexed to specified locations within your systems
  • Automatic classification and distribution of digital mail items within your business
  • Secure and dedicated sorting area for your incoming post
  • Safe handling of all documents including any payments and cherished itemsĀ 
  • On site and off site solutions possible
  • Secure to ISO27001 standards
  • Scalable design to meet the needs of your business
The Benefits:

  • Improves efficiency of mail handling process providing quick and accurate distribution to target recipient
  • Digitally enables mail content, so searchable whilst retaining original image
  • Reduces resource cost through efficiency as well as reduced storage
  • Receive instant notification of mail items within your businessĀ 
  • Track mail items and any stage throughout the process

Our Document Digitisation & Archiving Service Includes:

  • Document Scanning
  • Document Indexing
  • Archival Storage
  • State of the art storage facility
  • Database Development
  • Customised Document Management System
  • Data Migration
  • Confidential Disposal (Off-site Shredding)
The Benefits:

  • Save Time, Space & Money
  • Delivering Value
  • Reduce Cost
  • Drive Efficiency
  • Data Security
  • State of the Art Storage Facility
  • Secure Document Retention
  • Fast Retrieval