TerraQuest Digital Mailroom service handles all incoming post and correspondence on behalf of your business.

Our service includes:

  • Digital enablement through transformation of all incoming mail
  • Provision of a high quality service which utilises leading industry scanning and document capture solutions
  • All your correspondence imaged and key data digitised
  • Digital images and text indexed to specified locations within your systems
  • Automatic classification and distribution of digital mail items within your business
  • Secure and dedicated sorting area for your incoming post
  • Safe handling of all documents but specifically any payments and cherished items
  • On site and off site solutions possible
  • Secure to ISO27001 standards
  • Scalable design to meet the needs of your business

The Benefits

  • Improves efficiency of mail handling process providing quick and accurate distribution to target recipient
  • Digitally enables mail content, so searchable whilst retaining original image.
  • Reduces resource cost through efficiency as well as reduced storage
  • Receive instant notification of mail items within your business
  • Track mail items and any stage throughout the process