Land Referecing

TerraQuest is the UK’s largest specialist provider of land referencing services to private and public sector clients involved in the planning and development of major transportation, regeneration and utility projects.

Land referencing is considered to be a paralegal activity which complements the work of law firms in the research of ownership, occupation and rights over of land subject to development. It is a specialist service which must be comprehensive in nature and undertaken in a diligent and auditable manner.

TerraQuest has over 40 years’ experience in the delivery of land referencing projects with one of the largest and most experienced multi-disciplinary teams in the UK. Our service is proactive in nature and includes strategic advice on acquisition programmes through to land ownership investigation, compulsory purchase schedules, books of reference, plans, vesting orders etc. including the service of requisite notices.

Land referencing enables developers to acquire land and rights over land to meet their development requirements in a timely manner. The service is delivered through the application of diligent and auditable processes, based on proven experience, bespoke technology and collaborative working.

TerraQuest understands that effective and efficient acquisition of land, and rights over land, is fundamental to the successful delivery of new infrastructure projects.

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