What is an Ordnance Survey location plan?
Wednesday 03 October 2018

A location plan is a supporting document required by planning authorities as part of a planning application or building control application. This may be in addition to a site plan (also called block plan).

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A location plan is based on an up-to-date Ordnance Survey map. 
A location plan should use an identified metric scale, typically 1:1250 or 1:2500 for larger sites and generally fits onto an A4 size sheet when printed. The plan should indicate the direction of the North to make its orientation clear. 

The plan will typically illustrate the following:

  • Roads and/or buildings on adjoining land
  • The site boundaries
  • Land necessary to carry out the proposed development, outlined in red.
  • Any other land owned by the developer that is close to or adjacent to the site, outlined in blue.
A location plan is different to a site plan (also called block plan) which is specially focused on providing more detail of the development within the site boundaries.

Location plans can be produced from ReQuestaPlan and downloaded in either PDF or DWG formats. 

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